About us

Back in 2012, Spotlights event creators began revolutionizing the event scene in Cluj Napoca. We put in spotlight shows and events for all years range public. From kids shows at Junior Show, to movie marathons for students, the Beer Crafters festival to We Love Retro, the biggest party in Romania where we dance until dawn listening to the biggest hits of 80s and 90s.


we love retro

We Love Retro is the most important musical events in the north-west of Romania. More than 100.000 participants give life, energy and good vibes during the six editions. They have danced to the music of Chicane, Snap, Nana, Ice MC, Loona, Pete Tong, Tom Craft and the most known Romanian music artists. We Love Retro is one of the 10 most favorites events in Cluj Napoca.

beer crafters

The first event in Transylvania aimed towards beer crafters and culinary specialties. Beer Crafters assures its participants of four days full of flavor, quality products and special arrangements that inspire and relax the participants.

junior show

Junior Show organizes events aimed towards children. Our vision is to create memorable experiences for the youngest generation packed in events for kids.


The International Stand-Up Comedy Festival brings a big smile on each of its participants and books at every edition the funniest international and national stand-up comedians.
FISC became a major event on Cluj Napoca’s event scene after its first edition and is the biggest Stand-up festival in Romania because of the participant number, 

artists on stage and event days.

Allnighter- Movie Marathon

Our Allnighter event is aimed towards movie lovers. During a movie marathon, moviegoers watch a collection of three of best films available in cinema at the moment. More than 800 moviegoers gather at the biggest cinema in Transylvania (Cinema Florin Piersic).



Our professional team embraces the experience, hard work, and creativity in order to give you the best ideas for events and festivals.


Our events are completely customized, this fact requiring a lot of hard work in implementing new ideas. Planning is a key element in our process of creating an event.


We offer partnerships with our investors if your event suits our principles. We connect all of our resources in helping you transform your idea into the biggest event.


No event could ever be created without the help of volunteers dedicated team. They help in implementing the ideas from scratch to the last detail and give an optimistic touch to our projects.


With a distinctive career in events, we create implementation strategies in order for the event to be a real success.


Our design team is excited to develop your newest visual identity and projects and we would be glad to cooperate with teams which understand the importance of a clear image and message.


A variety of artists, customized taste and the client’s personality are key elements in booking your biggest show apparitions.


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